Family Foundations Institute

We believe stronger families make a stronger world.

At Family Foundations Institute, we believe stronger families make a stronger world. Family Foundations Institute (FFI) is a registered charity dedicated to helping families thrive.


FFI recognizes that the family is the foundation of society, “the original cell of social life”, (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2207). To be society’s foundation, the family itself needs to be built on a strong foundation.


FFI seeks to connect, inform and encourage families in this role through many events and activities.




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Friday, January 29, 2021

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Friday, February 12, 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who oversees Family Foundations Institute?

FFI is overseen by a Board of Directors. The Executive Director is charged with implementing the organization’s Board-approved initiatives within the annual Board-approved budget. The Executive Director, along with 3 part time staff (2 admin, 1 youth coordinator), coordinate many lay volunteers who implement FFI activities and initiatives. Each event has designated lay coordinators to assist in executing these events.


FFI is guided by Principle #1 and is constantly checking and referencing materials used seeking to ensure there is a Nihil Obstat (i.e., certification by an official censor appointed by a bishop that a book is not objectionable on doctrinal or moral grounds), and by seeking guidance from appropriate individuals (including individuals of the Diocese of London) who are in good standing with their dioceses.


The main curriculum used for Family Catechism is the “Faith and Life” series. Family Catechism and Pure Life Gatherings also rely heavily on for teaching materials. For speakers brought in for FFI Events, FFI follows the appropriate vetting process of the Diocese of London.

Is FFI overseen by the Bishop of the Diocese of London? Does FFI answer to the Bishop?

No, FFI is not overseen by the Bishop of the Diocese of London nor is it the responsibility of the Bishop. FFI is not classified as Secular Institute nor Association of the Faithful. FFI is a lay endeavor initiated by the personal initiative of individuals.


Although the Bishop of the Diocese of London does not oversee FFI, the office of the Bishop of the Diocese of London and FFI work in fraternal cooperation with each other seeking to build up the Kingdom of God — each in their own particular circumstance.  FFI’s Executive Director meets with the Bishop annually and the Diocese appoints a Liaison to ensure ongoing communication with FFI. The individuals involved in FFI activities should show love and obedience to their respective bishop, whatever diocese they reside in.

Is FFI a Secular Institute or Association?

No, FFI is not a formally approved Secular Institute or Association nor does it seek to be. FFI is a registered charity and is simply a lay endeavor initiated by the personal initiative of individuals.

Does FFI help the Church and parishes? Does FFI steal people away from parishes?

Yes, FFI helps the Church and parishes by encouraging lay members of the Church. No, FFI does not steal people away from parish initiatives.


FFI supplements faith formation received at the parishes and aims to ignite a desire for participants to be more involved in their parishes and the Church. A multitude of experiences and evaluations show that participants have been reinvigorated in practicing their faith, to becoming more involved in their parish and have returned to their Church.


Many of the parents and youth from Family Catechism are the people who are the pro-claimers, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, choir members, teachers of parish sacramental formation, marriage prep, finance members, etc. because they attend their parish with their families, because they have authentic formation, and because they want to serve.


For example, over the years there have been teachers from 28 parishes in the London and surrounding area who have had a part in delivering the London Family Catechism. Repeatedly teachers have remarked that they are much better formed and strengthened in their faith because of their involvement in the catechism program; further, they are confident and enthused about further participating in Parish life.


There have also been individual initiatives that FFI has incubated or supported that benefit parishes. (For example, Sarnia Marriage Conference or Men of Faith Listowel)

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