Outreach for Catholic Men

At the heart of 2:12, there is an understanding that men who follow Christ must be rooted in their true identity: a son of God, through Jesus Christ. This identity defines every other relationship in the life of a 2:12 man: his relationship with God, himself, and others. Furthermore, 2:12 men are not islands unto themselves. Rather, each member is part of the whole. It is through this identity, brought together under 2:12, that members encourage, strengthen, and challenge each other on life’s journey.

About 2:12

2:12 exists to help Catholic men connect, commit, and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another. 2:12 groups meet bi-weekly at a determined time and location specific to each group.


Men who are part of 2:12 are rooted in their identity as sons of the Father. Through Christ, they recognize their received adoption, and they strive to grow in their fundamental identity. As a result, members desire to connect with other men who are seeking to do the same.


2:12 members make a commitment to God and other men to be focused and disciplined in their spiritual life. They commit to meet twice a month for twelve months and strive to uphold this commitment in all seasons of life.


2:12 members desire to grow themselves, while at the same time, they seek to encourage other men to do the same. To materialize these realities, each member is open to forming a daily prayer, fasting, and almsgiving life, and open to learning about the Faith on a continuous basis.

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