About the Annual Women’s Seminar

The Annual Women’s Seminar celebrates women and their unique role in society. This is a wonderful chance for women to get together, share ideas and friendship, and learn new ways to fulfill their mission as women in the world.

With practical tools and tips from a guest speaker and available resources, the day aims to encourage women to build friendships and grow in their own unique roles.

Upcoming Events

Friday, February 25, 2022 - Sunday, February 27, 2022

9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Annual Women’s Retreat 2022

Best Western Plus Stoneridge Inn & Conference Centre, London ON

Past Events

  • Christ at the home of martha and mary

    For Women Only: All Hands (and Hearts!) on Deck

    Anne Marie Posella

    In the past few weeks, we have all been on a rollercoaster ride of events and emotions as we try to navigate the huge changes to life as we know it under the pall of the coronavirus pandemic....

  • Friendship: Strengthening Women, Warming the World

    Adam Helmers

    The theme of "Friendship" was delivered with wonderful depth and insight from Dr. Kathleen Lalande. Through personal testimony, scientific research, and a spiritual foundation she delivered a robust seminar that provided encouragement and direction for women from all walks of life....

  • Women of Faith: Interview with Danielle Bean

    Women of Faith: Interview with Danielle Bean

    Sarah Small

    We really need to be rooted in prayer. The slowing down that the pandemic has forced upon us all has been a real blessing to me personally in many ways. My daily prayer life has never been more regular and fruitful! And as far as family prayer, it's been lovely to realize that as we are all working and schooling from home, we can pray together more naturally as well. Family Rosary in the evening time does not seem like such an impossibility when we are not all running in different directions for sports, work, and other commitments. Prayer brings a real sense of calm and connectedness to our daily interactions. Our shared mealtimes have been more frequent and pleasant as well. Many days, I put a little extra effort into making a nice dinner and it pays off in the relaxed time we spend talking around the table. Nobody has anywhere else to be, so why not make our times together pleasant and enjoyable? Life feels simpler this way....