About the Annual Women’s Seminar

The Annual Women’s Seminar celebrates women and their unique role in society. This is a wonderful chance for women to get together, share ideas and friendship, and learn new ways to fulfill their mission as women in the world.

With practical tools and tips from a guest speaker and available resources, the day aims to encourage women to build friendships and grow in their own unique roles.

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Past Events

  • In the past few weeks, we have all been on a rollercoaster ride of events and emotions as we try to navigate the huge changes to life as we know it under the pall of the coronavirus pandemic....

  • The theme of "Friendship" was delivered with wonderful depth and insight from Dr. Kathleen Lalande. Through personal testimony, scientific research, and a spiritual foundation she delivered a robust seminar that provided encouragement and direction for women from all walks of life....

  • What have been important tools to bring peace or meaning into your day-to-day during the covid pandemic? I learned how the three dimensions of well-being (biological, psychological, and spiritual) mutually influence one another. Something as simple as following a schedule every day really helped me......