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About the Day:

For Parents and Educators!

Enjoy a feature presentation followed by Q&A with the informative and experienced Dr. Andrew Mullins delivering his talk “From Temperament to Character”.

Each child is born with a particular temperament:  his or her personality type.  Character is the sum total of one’s good habits, such as resilience, responsibility, sound judgement, and self-control.  Guiding children to grow in character helps them to become happy adults, no matter their natural tendencies.

From his thirty years of working closely with parents, and tapping into the science and psychology of character development, Dr. Mullins delivers very practical advice for parents and educators.

You will take home ways to build an even stronger and more beautiful character in each child you teach.

Dr. Andrew Mullins

Dr. Andrew Mullins is an Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Notre Dame Australia.  He is past Headmaster of Radfield and Wollemi Colleges, in Sydney, and currently on the board of Harkaway Hills College in Melbourne. He is the Director of the Drummond Study Centre, Carlton, Victoria. He collaborates with other academic entities, such as Australian Defence Forces Academy in Canberra, the John Paul II Institute for the Family in Melbourne, and the international University of Catalonia, based in Barcelona.  He has given numerous lectures and seminars in Australia and overseas on parenting and character development, and recently was a keynote speaker at the International Federation for Family Development Conference in Mexico City.  He is the author of Parenting for Character: Equipping your child for life, with editions in several languages.  His doctoral studies focused on virtue development and neuroscience.


1:30pm                 Registration

1:45pm                 Address—Dr. Andrew Mullins

2:45pm                 Q&A with Dr. Mullins

3:00pm                 Refreshments, Social

Dr. Andrew Mullins


$15 per person / $25 per couple

Free childcare available for children ages 12 and under, pre-registration required by Sunday May 22.


1360 Oxford Street West
St. Thomas Aquinas High School
London, ON N6H 1W2

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