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Annual Women’s Seminar 2022

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Annual Women's Seminar 2022


Annual Women’s Seminar 2022

Reframe: A Positive Outlook on Life

Saturday April 23, 2022 at 9:30 am – 12:00 pm (EDT)
Live Stream/Watch Party

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Register for your chance to win prizes throughout the morning! We encourage participants to register and sign up whether they are attending a watch party or viewing on their own.

Realizing the truth that we are beloved daughters of God can help to reframe the inevitable challenges in life that lead to stress and anxiety. Reframing, a beneficial modern mental wellness tool, can be life-changing! Wouldn’t it be amazing to view challenges as opportunities to grow?

Guest speaker Shivanthi Sandrasagra will present the practical tool of reframing with a talk and interactive workshop. Participate in this seminar to build valuable friendships and receive positive encouragement through live chat and in-person watch parties.

The Annual Women’s Seminar celebrates women and their unique role in society. This is a wonderful chance for women to get together, share ideas and friendship, and learn new ways to fulfill their mission as women in the world. With practical tools and tips from a guest speaker and available resources, the day aims to encourage women to build friendships and grow in their own unique roles.


10:00 am – Introduction
10:10 am – Talk #1 Reframe: Setting the Groundwork
10:40 am – Leave group with exercise question/activity
10:55 am – Regroup, door prizes
11:00 am – Talk #2 Reframe: Tools and Specifics
11:30 am – Q&A
12:00 pm – Conclusion

Shivanthi Sandrasagra (2)

Guest Speaker

Shivanthi Sandrasagra

Shivanthi Sandrasagra grew up in Toronto, lived in Montreal, and is now based in Sri Lanka, her country of birth. She is the founder and director of ARETÉ Academy of People Development, a professional training institution which helps people achieve excellence and satisfaction professionally and personally by learning the art of communication and the science of well-being.

Shivanthi holds a degree in Chemical Engineering, an MBA, and is fluent in English, French, and Spanish. Her personal and professional journey helped her to realize the following: increasing one’s opportunities comes down to self-development. She now pursues her passion of helping others build the necessary attitudes, qualities, and skills to develop themselves in their work and personal lives.

Annual Women's Seminar 2022