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Apostolic Celibate Life (Live Stream)

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id London Live Episode Four

Apostolic Celibate Life

Thursday, December 17

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

A life of Apostolic Celibacy is chosen and lived out of love for God and for our brothers and sisters, who we are called to serve. Echoing the lives of many first Christians, there exists a vocation to a life of celibacy throughout one’s lay career or circumstances within a society. This life of Apostolic Celibacy differs from Religious Life and Consecrated Life because the commitment to celibacy is not related to a canonical or ecclesial status according to the official rite of the Church.

Maria Irizar
Episode Guests

Maria Irizar


Maria Irizar (a numerary member of Opus Dei) studied Chemistry at the University of Calgary and is currently the program coordinator for Kintore College. This is her story as to how she discovered that God was calling her to apostolic celibacy (a vocation to be an apostle in the 21st century without changing one’s state in life).

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