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Being the Mystical Body of Christ (Live Stream)

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Being the Mystical Body of Christ


The Power of Story Episode Ten

Being the Mystical Body of Christ

Thursday, February 11

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

We as baptized people make up the body of Christ and thus our vocation, regardless of its specificity, is to be Christ to others and ultimately be the power of the mystical body of Christ. Not only are we called to partake in the mystical Body of Christ; we also need the mystical Body of Christ in our own lives. We need the support, love and encouragement from our brothers and sisters in Christ to live out the life we are called to live; one of mission and one of holiness. Oftentimes we can compete with one another, tear one another down, be critical of one another and this does not advance the building up of the Body of Christ nor is it a positive witness to those outside the Church. We will be looking at the part that we play both inside and outside the Body of Christ to be Christ to one another and our need for our brothers and sisters to be Christ to us.

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David Patterson
Episode Guest

David Patterson

David Patterson is the founder and host of Yes Catholic from Toronto, Canada. At the age of 21, David experienced a reversion home to the Catholic Church after attending a retreat. He completed his master’s in theology at St. Augustine’s and has served in youth ministry for over ten years. David is currently serving as a chaplaincy leader at St. Edmund Campion S.S. in Brampton, Ontario. David and his wife, Alexandra have two sons.

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