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Building a Foundation (live-stream)

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The Power of Story Episode One

Building a Foundation

Thursday, September 10

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

In this episode, we talk about how having an effective prayer life and routine is essential to our faith and our life. Prayer is the foundation upon which our faith stands. As encouragement, we will be looking at prayer in its multiple forms as taught in the Catechism including; the Rosary, novenas, contemplative prayer, and journaling. Our goal is to stress the importance of prayer and give suggestions about how you can start to develop a healthy prayer life.

Isaac Longworth
Episode Guest

Isaac Longworth


Isaac Longworth is a seminarian with the Companions of the Cross. He studies theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, and hopes to be ordained a priest in three years. He is active in the anti-abortion movement, hosts a weekly radio show on Radio Maria, teaching people how to evangelize, and helps run various evangelical-focused retreats with his brother seminarians in Canada and the USA. In his spare time, Isaac likes to play hockey, racquetball, and volleyball, loves trying ethnic foods, and is learning how to play the cajon (pronounced cahon) and guitar.

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