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From the Archives

Disciples' Night March 2023

Thu, March 2, 2023 5:45 pm
to 10:00 pm
St. Michael's in London, and St. Joseph's in Stratford
$10 in advance, $15 at the door


Since we have over ten years of Disciples’ Night talks, we decided to bring back one of our most well-received and anointed talks from the past! Dr. Bob Horton joined us in November of 2015 to share his testimony and bear witness to the healing power of God, and how everyday people can be on mission with Jesus. So, join us as we dive back into the Disciples’ Night archives to be blessed once again by Dr. Horton and the incredible ways the Lord has worked in his life.


5:45 pm, Sacrament of Confession
6:15 pm, Holy Mass
7:00 pm, Dinner
8:00 pm, Recorded talk
8:45 pm, Discussion and social


Dr. Bob Horton

Robert Horton is an internationally recognized and Distinguished Professor in the Agronomy Department at Iowa State University, where he has worked for the past 40 years. His research has greatly enhanced understanding of the role of soils in the areas of climatology, water quality, agricultural production, and more. Just as he has helped others grow in understanding of good soil in the physical world, his anointed words and life experiences have added to the good soil in the hearts of listeners. Through his testimony, he testifies to God’s unfolding and miraculous plan for his life in the midst of suffering.