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id London Live Episode Three

Religious Life

Thursday, November 19

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Sister Antonia met her vocation with the Sisters Poor of Jesus Christ in 2012, this is her story. Through personal testimony, practical experience, and one woman’s journey to the religious life – discover what it means to be called.

Episode Guests

Sister Antonia, Sisters Poor of Jesus Christ (PJC)


Sister Antonia was born in Paraguay, a small South American Country. She was raised in a non-practicing catholic family of four kids, one boy and three girls, she is the third girl. In 2012, at 18 years of age, Sister Antonia met the Sisters Poor of Jesus Christ and started discernment. She entered religious life on October 23th, 2013, at the age of 19 years old. She completed her first-year formation (aspirancy) in Bolivia, her second year (postulancy) in Brazil, her Canonical Novitiate in Brazil, her Apostolic Novitiate in Argentina. And after her first profession of vows in 2018 came to Canada. She loves the challenge of learning a new language and the multicultural life in Canada. She loves to dance (used to dance in her early years). Her favorite and inspirational Saint is St. Anthony of Padua – she wants to be a great missionary like him and a great lover of the Word of God. Sister favorite food is shrimp – she is also a popcorn lover! Her favorite colors are yellow and orange.

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