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Restoring the Glory of Your Story (Live Stream)

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The Power of Story Episode Seven

Restoring the Glory of Your Story

Thursday, December 10

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Woundedness is all too familiar to many of us and can often take the front seat in defining our stories for lack of knowing how else to cope. We learn from Christ however through the crucifixion that He is the Wounded Healer, thus we shall not despair but rather have hope in the restoration He desires to bring to fullness – redeeming us, healing us, and reclaiming freedom in our lives; this side of heaven.

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Colleen Cronin
Episode Guest

Colleen Cronin


Colleen Cronin is a graduate of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in theological studies and obtained her certification in Theology of the Body from Sacred Heart College ‎in Peterborough. Colleen leads an Unbound Prayer ministry within the Diocese of London under the spiritual direction of Father Chris Gillespie. Her keen interest in intercessory prayer was the inspiration behind Mount Carmel Place of Prayer where people can connect and receive virtual prayer ministry in the area of deliverance, prayer requests and encouragement within the Christian spiritual journey. Currently Colleen is enrolled in the Thanatology program at Conestoga College and is developing a Catholic prayer model to assist individuals in coping with grief, loss, death and dying.

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