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Uncovering the Rhythm (live stream)

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The Power of Story Episode Three

Uncovering the Rhythm (live stream)

Thursday, October 8

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

“Seasons” may sound like the most cliché term referring to the differing states of life which ultimately influence our investment in personal prayer and yet it is so fitting. Our ability as self-aware and discerning Christians is to learn and recognize with humility the pattern, rhythm and themes of our lives and how they work together to be a part of our story. Learning to pray consistently through various seasons with perseverance and courage is a call to be still and be in tune with the Father’s voice in the midst of everyday life.

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Katey and Steve
Episode Guest

Katey &  Steve Norman


Steve and Katey Norman are a married couple who seek to have Jesus at the centre of their marriage, family and ministry. Both high school chaplaincy leaders coming from prodigal journeys, they love to walk with people on the road to encountering Christ and to see the transformation that takes place when someone lets the Lord be King of their life. They have been part of several ministries and given talks across Ontario and the United States and have a hunger for evangelization. They are avid fans of good coffee, good conversation, and a good rack of ribs. You can follow them and their wild toddler Rem on Instagram @kateynorm.

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