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When the Lord Calls Your Name (Live Stream)

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When the Lord Calls Your Name


The Power of Story Episode Eleven

When the Lord Calls Your Name

Thursday, February 25

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

In our Live with Pure Life evening, we will be discussing “Little v” Vocational decisions. Following up from our last discussion, Little v Vocations are a reference to God’s longing to be a part of the little things that we do. Bringing God into the world is not something reserved for any type of person. Whether you are a Sister or a plumber, you are called to be His voice in the world. Whether you are grocery shopping or on a mission trip, you are called to be His charity in the world. This week, we will discuss how to be God’s Hands and Feet in everything we do.

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Kelsey Skoch
Episode Guest

Kelsey Skoch

Kelsey Skoch is an international speaker, emcee and author who shares her faith at Catholic events such as NCYC, SEEK, and World Youth Day. After graduating from the University of Kansas, her passion for mission started when she interned at two Fortune 500 companies and saw the greater need for Christ in our world. From serving over 8 years with FOCUS on college campuses and in the parish, she speaks on the topics of evangelization and missionary discipleship, but is most known for her ministry and talks helping women in their personal purity. She currently resides with her husband and children in Kansas City, KS.

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