Family Catechism

About Family Catechism

Family Catechism is simple – families gathering to share their Faith through ongoing community, prayer, and formation. Essentially, the purpose of this initiative is to see families work together in their common task of faith formation.

Elements of Family Catechism









Family Catechism Pods

A Catechism Pod is a group of 2 or more families who are able to connect with each other on a regular basis to pray, learn about their faith, and encourage each other. There is no cost or fee to participating in a Pod. Family Foundations Institute is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to helping families thrive. We seek to provide meaningful encouragement, connections and resources to help each family live their mission as the domestic church.

Meet once or twice a month.

Gather together (e.g. in person/virtually), share a meal.

Pray the rosary, study resources.

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Benefits of Joining a Pod

Encourage each other

Reach out and evangelize

Build friendships

Grow in faith

Pray together


Join a Family Catechism Pod!

There are catechism communities in 12 cities across Ontario and Alberta. We can put you in touch directly with the local coordinator in your area. If there is no local catechism happening in your area we can work with you to get it started!

Limited Spots Available

Virtual Family Catechism Classes

Virtual Catechism classes are available in select cities where the coordinators have the resources available to provide a virtual learning environment. Because of the technical resources required to deliver online classes, there is a $10/family fee for virtual catechism classes.

Limited Spots Available

In-person Catechism Classes

Because of the differing government orders between Ontario and Alberta, some cities may be offering in-person catechism classes. In-person catechism classes are expected to be in full compliance with local regulations in response to COVID-19; including proper social-distancing and sanitization protocol. Because of the facilities and supplies required to deliver in-person classes, there is a fee for in-person catechism classes.