Family Catechism

About Family Catechism

Family Catechism is simple – families gathering to share their Faith through ongoing community, prayer, and formation. Essentially, the purpose of this initiative is to see families work together in their common task of faith formation.

Elements of Family Catechism





7 Subscribing Principles

Family Catechism is founded on seven subscribing principles. The efforts, activities and initiatives of Family Catechism are rooted in and directed by these principles.

Complete adherence to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope.

Acceptance of the right and duty of parents to be the primary educators of their children.

This formational enterprise is a lay endeavour – not clerical.

Instruction will not criticize clergy. Instruction will support clear teaching of the Roman Catholic Church in a positive manner.

Parents and their children take part in this endeavour. Parents participate either as instructors or as participants in a parent formation class thereby demonstrating that they have an active and living faith.

The framework of the teaching enterprise is a community effort. As such, a fraternal bond and social interaction between families is to be fostered.

There is a joyful duty of apostolate for individuals and the group to follow the Holy Father’s call to evangelize.


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Family Catechism Locations

Happening every other weekend from October to April in 10 cities!