Examples of Family Catechism*

Discover the different options when it comes to family faith formation. Here are some examples of Family Catechism in action.


*Subject to your local Covid-19 regulations

3 families with young children meet every other Sunday afternoon for coffee, tea and a snack; children watch a 1 hour video on Saint’s life with colouring sheets while parents listen to a 30 min podcast from Messy Family Project and take the final 30 min to discuss. Wrap up with a cookie and head home for their own family dinner.

4 families with children with large range of ages meet first Friday evening of the month. Parents settle in for the viewing of a 20 min video by Yasinksi’s followed by discussion; teens watch a Ydisciple presentation (20 min) and hang out/discuss; younger aged kids are left with babysitting aged kids to do a fun craft and 30 min video on a saint’s life (Formed).

3 families in the same neighborhood meet every Saturday afternoon to pray the rosary, spend time together, and finish with a pot luck dinner.

3 families gather virtually (e.g. via Zoom or FB chat) each Saturday evening to visit and pray the Rosary together.

The purpose of this initiative is to see families work together in their common task of faith formation.