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About Family Catechism

About Family


The purpose of Family Catechism is to join together to carry out the common task of family faith formation in a welcoming environment to build up a community of strengthened families.


In 1988, a group of London and area parents began meeting to live out their mission as primary educators. The purpose of these meetings was to join families together in a welcoming setting to carry out the common task of faith formation and to build fraternity. There are now 11 locations where this same initiative actively continues.

Family Catechism will always be a core activity of Family Foundation Institute because it responds directly to the mission to connect, inform, and encourage families in their role as society’s original cell. Family Catechisms create a strong faith community and connect many families so that they do not feel isolated or alone in living their mission as baptized Christians in the middle of the world.


$100 participation fee* ($50 if you are single) for each family taking part in Family Catechism.

This fee goes towards the cost of the use of our locations, purchase of classroom supplies or other teaching materials, and for future catechism programming. Please note that financial assistance is available if required. Simply contact us at

Contact us for assistance.

*Calgary Family Catechism is $125/family to cover our school rental costs.


Through Family Catechism, parents and students learn about their Catholic Faith while forging quality friendships built upon sharing a common mission:

To become a community of life and love. . .and reflect God’s love in the world (Familiaris Consortio, 17)

Family Catechism runs every other Saturday or Sunday (depending on the location) from October to April for a morning of learning and community. Participants divide into age-specific classes (including a high school and adult class) and are taught on matters of the Catholic faith and culture. Teachers are fellow parents and peers, using teaching material which has complete adherence to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.


To assist our Family Catechism Families in their class preparation and their own personal formation, Family Foundations Institute has purchased a subscription to the online Catholic resource platform called Formed.

Sign up to access formed.