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Your Calling

Grow in your Christian Vocation

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id London Live

Equipping young adults to be missionary disciples of Jesus Christ – id London Live is a series of online Catholic formation events from the London Ontario Chapter of Intentional Disciples (id). These events are open to those in their 20s or 30s, single or married, with or without kids, working or studying.

Your Calling

What is your calling? Are you still searching? Do you know but want to deepen your understanding? This four part series on Vocations takes place every third Thursday of the month. Each episode features a talk and question/answer period with a guest speaker focusing on a specific vocation.

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Series host

David Vandenberg


Join David Vandenberg, member of the id London leadership team, as he welcomes guest speakers and leads us through discussion and questions throughout this series on vocations.

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Episode 1 - 8:00 pm (EST) Thursday September 17, 2020

The Priesthood


Hosts: David Vandenberg, Luke Schonberger

Guest: Fr. Danny Santos


Fr. Danny Santos is the Vocations Director for the Diocese of London. Join us to hear about his personal testimony and journey to the priesthood.

Episode 2 - 8:00 pm (EST) Thursday October 15, 2020



Host: David Vandenberg

Guests: Katie and Chris Bray


Chris and Katie Bray have been married for 13 years, and have 5 girls. Hear their story for yourself and learn more about one couple’s experience with the vocation to marriage.

Episode 3 - 8:00 pm (EST) Thursday November 19, 2020

Religious Life


Host: David Vandenberg, Danielle McCann

Guests: Sister Antonia, Sisters Poor of Jesus Christ (PJC)


Sister Antonia met her vocation with the Sisters Poor of Jesus Christ in 2012, this is her story. Through personal testimony, practical experience, and one woman’s journey to the religious life – discover what it means to be called.

Episode 4 - 8:00 pm (EST) Thursday December 17, 2020

Apostolic Celibate Life


Host: David Vandenberg, Anna Helmers

Guests: TBA

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Fr. Danny grew up in Mississauga in a Faith-filled family of 5. Before entering the seminar he had achieved a HBA at the University of Toronto Mississauga, majoring in philosophy and receiving a double minor in religious studies and political science. If he had to trace back the first time he heard the call he would say it was right after he received his First Communion. His advice for young men considering the seminary/priesthood? Do not be afraid, even if you have just an inkling of the call, even just an attraction or desire for something in the gift of the priesthood, discern the call.

Chris and Katie Bray have been married for 13 years, and have 5 girls. Since 2013, Chris has been a full-time Catholic speaker and musician, presenting to tens of thousands each year at conferences, retreats, schools, and churches, and reaching millions online and through Christian radio. You can follow both their Faith/Faith/Homeschooling journey vlog #LivingTheWay on Youtube as well as Chris’ #AllThatCatholicStuff video teaching series at


Sister Antonia was born in Paraguay, a small South American Country. She was raised in a non-practicing catholic family of four kids, one boy and three girls, she is the third girl. In 2012, at 18 years of age, Sister Antonia met the Sisters Poor of Jesus Christ and started discernment. She entered religious life on October 23th, 2013, at the age of 19 years old. She completed her first-year formation (aspirancy) in Bolivia, her second year (postulancy) in Brazil, her Canonical Novitiate in Brazil, her Apostolic Novitiate in Argentina. And after her first profession of vows in 2018 came to Canada. She loves the challenge of learning a new language and the multicultural life in Canada. She loves to dance (used to dance in her early years). Her favorite and inspirational Saint is St. Anthony of Padua – she wants to be a great missionary like him and a great lover of the Word of God. Sister favorite food is shrimp – she is also a popcorn lover! Her favorite colors are yellow and orange.