Annual Conference on Marriage

Giving couples tools they need in their daily life to grow stronger and happier.

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FFI knows that a thriving marriage and family life takes effort! The Annual Conference on Marriage gives couples tools they can use in their daily life to grow stronger and happier. Every marriage has its joys and challenges. Some challenges reach crisis levels. Whether faced with a crisis or not, marriages are strengthened when given support and encouragement from other married couples.

“Built on love” presents the idea that married couples need to reach out to help, encourage, and journey with others; however, to do so, it is necessary to build the marriage on a strong foundation. Ultimately, this theme seeks to provide helpful tools to build and apply strong marriages in our world today.

Date: Saturday, November 16

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Location: St. André Bessette Catholic Secondary School, London Ontario

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Guest Speakers.

Peter and Debbie Herbeck

In 2011, Peter and Debbie helped launch i.d.9:16, an outreach of Renewal Ministries that equips young adult Catholics to live as intentional disciples. They have spoken at conferences and spiritual retreats across the US, Canada and internationally. Both Peter and Debbie have written several books, and together co-authored When the Spirit Speaks: Touched by God’s Word. Debbie and Peter have been married for 32 years, they have four children and seven grandchildren and they live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.