How to Run a Satellite Men of Faith Conference

Annually, Family Foundations Institute hosts a well attended (300-400 men) Men of Faith Conference in London. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we’re offering the same great material and connection locally. As a local organizer you can spearhead the hosting of a Satellite Men of Faith Conference. The main conference content will be streamed to your location from St. Michael’s church in London.

Here’s what you need to arrange a Satellite Men of Faith Conference…

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#6d6e71″ title=”One local organizer and 5 helpers” title_color=”#6d6e71″ title_size=”22″]

One of your 5 helpers will need to be an IT volunteer and at least 2 helpers will need to be familiar with COVID-19 protocols in the parish to help with clean-up.

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#6d6e71″ title=”Parish Priest on board with initiative” title_color=”#6d6e71″ title_size=”22″]

Your parish priest is a crucial partner. In order to confirm the event, meet with him to explain the initiative and address any questions or concerns he might have.

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#6d6e71″ title=”Priest to say Mass and Adoration” title_color=”#6d6e71″ title_size=”22″]

This is your local community’s opportunity to celebrate Mass and Adoration together. Ask your local priest to assist in this regard.

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#6d6e71″ title=”Internet connection” title_color=”#6d6e71″ title_size=”22″]

In order to join our live stream you will need an internet connection (preferably wired) with at least 20mbps download speed and 10mbps upload speed.

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#6d6e71″ title=”Laptop, projector, screen, and speakers” title_color=”#6d6e71″ title_size=”22″]

To view our live stream as a group it’s best if you connect a laptop to a projector. In order to hear the talks/Q&A you will also need to connect your laptop to speakers.

Ready to start?

Thank you for taking on the important task of local organizer for your satellite location. Your leadership is important! We will need the following information in order to add your location to our online registration for the event.