• Common Ground

    Anne Marie Posella

    You and I Social media has been flooded with pronouns lately, but some aren’t getting enough floor time. Take the pronouns…you and me (or as your grammar teacher would say…you and I). At the very hear...

  • Of Fathers and Farmers

    Of Fathers and Farmers

    Anne Marie Posella

    Here’s a Father’s Day riddle for all you dads out there…Question: What do fathers and farmers have in common? Answer: They both began with Adam. Cultivating God’s Garden When God made man, He gave him...

  • Mother's Day Every Day

    Mother’s Day…Every Day

    Anne Marie Posella

    Birth and Beginnings – May and Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s Day! May is a time of new beginnings and new birth, a time when we celebrate life and motherhood, a time for honouring not ...

  • Father, forgive them

    Father, Forgive Them

    Anne Marie Posella

    How many times have we read the Passion or listened to these last words of Christ on the Cross and yet not really understood what they really mean? It can be so difficult to say – or hear – those powe...

  • Better Together

    Better Together

    Anne Marie Posella

    For the past year, media has been flooded with slogans that encourage solidarity against the coronavirus, a global crisis that somehow makes us “all in this together.” Lockdown restrictions and social...

  • Mindfulness in the Midst of Many Things

    Mindfulness in the Midst of ‘Many Things’

    Domminique Santos

    Mindfulness research shows the interconnectedness between the doing mode of the mind, thought streams and emotional responses....

  • just breathe

    Just Breathe

    Anne Marie Posella

    After over two months in lockdown, for many of us the current lifting of restrictions feels like a big breath of fresh air. And there’s so much to breathe in right now, with the lilacs and the irises ...

  • Holding a frame

    Lockdown: Time for a Reframe

    Anne Marie Posella

    The undeniable evidence of the Resurrection required that Jesus’ friends look at life in an entirely different way…through a totally new frame. Their old frame just wasn’t big enough or far-reaching e...

  • Grieving COVID-19: A Season of Loss

    Anne Marie Posella

    It is what it is…As the first wave of anxiety over the current pandemic subsides, it’s not surprising that many of us might be feeling a sort of let-down, a kind of low mood that catches us unaware, a...

  • Stained glass

    Compassion During COVID-19

    Domminique Santos

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has had its modus operandi turned upside down. In some parts of Ontario, grocery store shelves that once held abundant bread, milk and diapers have become sca...

  • Christ at the home of martha and mary

    For Women Only: All Hands (and Hearts!) on Deck

    Anne Marie Posella

    In the past few weeks, we have all been on a rollercoaster ride of events and emotions as we try to navigate the huge changes to life as we know it under the pall of the coronavirus pandemic....

  • Do Not Be Anxious

    Anne Marie Posella

    During this difficult time, as we navigate the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation, it’s easy to become anxious and worried about current and future concerns. And, in the present moment, that’s completel...

  • help is on the way

    Help is on the Way!

    Anne Marie Posella

    Does your life feel out of balance? Do you have trouble prioritizing your responsibilities or transforming your goals into reality? Are you searching for help with your marriage or struggling with a p...

  • sunrise

    A New Year…A Fresh Start

    Anne Marie Posella

    Auld Lang Syne - This classic New Year’s song reminds us fondly of “days gone by,” a sentiment sorely needed in a world detached from the timeless traditions of our Christian roots. In this ever-evolv...

  • Thanksgiving food in church.

    Thankful, Grateful, Blessed…

    Anne Marie Posella

    Let’s Talk Turkey As we mark the countdown to the Thanksgiving weekend, social media is bursting with posts, tweets, and memes that remind us of all we have to be grateful for in this beautiful countr...