Gift and Grit

2023 Marriage Conference featuring Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Attending to the internal and external responsibilities of the family, no matter the challenge, is always worthwhile.

The Choice is Yours!

The choice is yours! Psychtalk Post

As I get ready to go to bed, one of the last things I do is set my alarm clock. It’s a moment of hesitation because I need to make a very important decision. Do I set it for the usual time or a half an hour earlier? I had decided it would be a […]

Q&A with Shivanthi

What does reframe mean 5 questions with Shivanthi Sandrasagra

What have been important tools to bring peace or meaning into your day-to-day during the covid pandemic? I learned how the three dimensions of well-being (biological, psychological, and spiritual) mutually influence one another. Something as simple as following a schedule every day really helped me to ensure that I was eating and sleeping properly while […]

Real + True

“We believe the Catechism is not a textbook, a collection of ideas, or a set of rules. We believe the Catechism is the faithful echo of a God who wishes to reveal himself to us and desires us to respond. Our mission is to pass down and pass along the gift of our faith by […]

Common Ground

You and I Social media has been flooded with pronouns lately, but some aren’t getting enough floor time. Take the pronouns…you and me (or as your grammar teacher would say…you and I). At the very heart of all relationships is two people, wanting to share space and spend time together, trying to find common ground […]

Of Fathers and Farmers

Of Fathers and Farmers

Here’s a Father’s Day riddle for all you dads out there…Question: What do fathers and farmers have in common? Answer: They both began with Adam. Cultivating God’s Garden When God made man, He gave him the job of cultivating or “keeping” the garden. From a practical perspective, this might mean that God told Adam – […]

Mother’s Day…Every Day

Mother's Day Every Day

Birth and Beginnings – May and Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s Day! May is a time of new beginnings and new birth, a time when we celebrate life and motherhood, a time for honouring not only our Blessed Mother but also our earthly mothers as well. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, and their presence […]

Communication as a Couple

Date Night with FFI - Communication as a Couple

For the second ever Date Night with FFI, Mika and Alicia Hernon of the Messy Family Project joined us to speak about communication as a couple. The Hernon’s have been married for 27 years and have ten children and three grandchildren, their mission with the Messy Family project is to empower parents, strengthen marriage, and bring families to Christ. Sharing quotes and personal stories with over one hundred couples in attendance, Mike and Alicia embarked on an in-depth look at communication.

Father, Forgive Them

Father, forgive them

On Good Friday of Holy Week, we once again hear the words of Jesus, “Father, forgive them.” Christ’s Example How many times have we read the Passion or listened to these last words of Christ on the Cross and yet not really understood what they really mean? It can be so difficult to say – […]

Women of Faith: Interview with Danielle Bean

Women of Faith: Interview with Danielle Bean

We really need to be rooted in prayer. The slowing down that the pandemic has forced upon us all has been a real blessing to me personally in many ways. My daily prayer life has never been more regular and fruitful! And as far as family prayer, it’s been lovely to realize that as we are all working and schooling from home, we can pray together more naturally as well. Family Rosary in the evening time does not seem like such an impossibility when we are not all running in different directions for sports, work, and other commitments. Prayer brings a real sense of calm and connectedness to our daily interactions. Our shared mealtimes have been more frequent and pleasant as well. Many days, I put a little extra effort into making a nice dinner and it pays off in the relaxed time we spend talking around the table. Nobody has anywhere else to be, so why not make our times together pleasant and enjoyable? Life feels simpler this way.

4 Ideas for Couples

4 Ideas for Couples

Following the success of our second Date Night with FFI in February, we’re excited to share these 4 ideas for couples to help you do more for your marriage and to help grow community and friendship with other couples. 1. Host your own couple’s night Get together with other couples whom you may have met through […]

Better Together

Better Together

All in This Together? For the past year, media has been flooded with slogans that encourage solidarity against the coronavirus, a global crisis that somehow makes us “all in this together.” Lockdown restrictions and social distancing have made our individual bubbles so much smaller. And so, it’s tempting to think that the answers to today’s […]

2021 Virtual Men of Faith Conference

Men of Faith Conference 2021

“The world needs you, the world in our time needs men.” This statement from Patrick Sullivan speaking at the 2021 Men of Faith Conference runs counter to a modern culture offering a lifestyle for men far from the virtue, strength, responsibility, and love that used to be part of “being a man.” Counter cultural, yes, but as Patrick highlighted in his two virtual talks – the Christian faith has always been subversive in its world view and moral tenets and being a man of faith is a precise distinction to be made in the modern era.

Lent Resources

List of Lenten resources for families to use in preparation for Easter.

Divine Mercy with Fr. Michael Gaitley

From “Renowned speaker and author Fr. Michael Gaitley tells the dramatic history of God’s love and mercy as interwoven through the transformative message of St. Faustina, the miraculous appearance of Mary at Fatima, the witness of Maximilian Kolbe, and the world-changing papacy of Pope St. John Paul II. Featuring the brilliant cinematic artistry of […]

Weekly Advent Material

A great resource to help you and your family prepare for Christmas in a meaningful way, during four weeks of Advent. The weekly lessons invite you to grow in your understanding of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace and to live them more consistently. Each lesson includes an overview, a prayer for the week, key scripture [...]

Cat Chat

Cat Chat

The Cat Chat Family teaches your children the most important lessons on the Catholic Faith with catchy songs, jokes

Brother Francis

Brother Francis

Join Brother Francis as he helps children up to 8 years old understand how to live a joy-filled Catholic life.

Faith and Life

Faith and Life Series

Faith And Life free downloadable resource produced by the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska Office of Religious Education for grades 1 – 8.

Bible Studies

Bible Studies Formed

See “Bible Studies” categories on for entire selection of topics.

The Opus Joyous Show

Opus Joyous

The Opus Joyous Show weaves a wonderful story of spiritual adventure rich in Catholic symbolism and clear and effective explanations.

Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent

Ryan Defrates

Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent is an animated action-adventure series about a young spy with a whole lot to learn!

The Saints and Heroes Collection

Saints and Heroes Collection

Heroes of the Faith. The Stories of real-life Saints & Christian Heroes all come to life in CCC of America’s award-winning animated films.

The Chosen

The Chosen Series

The Chosen is the first-ever-multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. Created outside of the Hollywood system


YDisciple Formed

30 minute videos with discussion questions to enable you to have material and meaningful discussions with the teens in your pod.


Symbolon Formed

Symbolon (the Faith Explained) features 20 video and discussion sessions that brings together some of the most trusted Catholic teachers.


Beloved Formed

BELOVED uncovers the mystery and the meaning of the sacrament of marriage. BELOVED invites all couples to experience firsthand the wonder

Messy Family Project

The Messy Family Project Resource

Mike and Alicia Hernon want you to know that all families are messy – and that’s a good thing. Check out the Messy Family Project.

Me and My House

Me and My House Formed

Me and My House is a practical game plan for Catholic parents who are struggling with all the things that parents struggle with.

Pass It On

Pass It On Video Program for Parents

Pass It On is a series of presentations for parents who want to equip their children well for their life’s journey.

Virtual Anchor Camp for Girls

Anchor Camp for Girls

With a bright and cheerful voice and smile, Camp Director Tara Costain launched the one-of-a-kind virtual camp: “Welcome to Anchor Camp 2020!” Beside her co-director Joanna Simpson, Tara began a 5 day fun packed virtual camp experience for 48 campers and 28 staff.

Pandemic Summer

pandemic summer

Looking for some inspiration? It’s tempting, but unfortunately we can’t just sit around all summer long doing nothing. You may have said something similar to the children

Just Breathe

just breathe

After over two months in lockdown, for many of us the current lifting of restrictions feels like a big breath of fresh air. And there’s so much to breathe in right now, with the lilacs and the irises beginning to bloom and the heady smell of fresh-mown grass perfuming the air. The world smells like new life, new beginnings, and new possibilities.

Lockdown: Time for a Reframe

Holding a frame

The undeniable evidence of the Resurrection required that Jesus’ friends look at life in an entirely different way…through a totally new frame. Their old frame just wasn’t big enough or far-reaching enough to capture the reality of the Resurrection. What looked as if it was the worst thing that could happen to them was actually an incredible blessing.

If You Feel Alone


With this post we want to turn our attention to those who are alone or finding more time on their hands and don’t necessarily have anyone to be with. Lonely or wondering “now what’s my purpose”, now that you don’t go into work, or perhaps you have lost your job. Maybe you’re even wondering, “who even needs me?”

Busy Family?

Family fun

When you’re feeling busy around the house, maybe you’re trying to catch up on chores or you’re working from home and not quite used to all the additional distractions, this quote can serve as a reminder for busy families to be present to one another.

Grieving COVID-19: A Season of Loss

It is what it is…As the first wave of anxiety over the current pandemic subsides, it’s not surprising that many of us might be feeling a sort of let-down, a kind of low mood that catches us unaware, and can leave us tired, immobilized, or out of sorts. What is this?


Prayer is essential to daily life. Throughout these days of self-isolation, quarantine, and physical distancing we can unite in prayer for one another, for all leaders, and for all front-line workers. We've put together some prayer images that you can download and share online.   Spiritual Communion Pope Francis Prayer for Protection from the Coronavirus [...]

Mass Online

Churches are closed and we're unable to physically receive the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist through Holy Communion at Mass. But do not despair!   Here is a breakdown of important points to consider while your family is unable to attend church. [su_list icon="icon: check" icon_color="#83B763" indent="30"] The Eucharist is a gift from God, it [...]

Compassion During COVID-19

Stained glass

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has had its modus operandi turned upside down. In some parts of Ontario, grocery store shelves that once held abundant bread, milk and diapers have become scanty. Facing these shortages, someone on Facebook recently commented, “Are we living in war times?!” These and many others are the realities that Canadians across the country have had to face in recent weeks.

For Women Only: All Hands (and Hearts!) on Deck

Christ at the home of martha and mary

In the past few weeks, we have all been on a rollercoaster ride of events and emotions as we try to navigate the huge changes to life as we know it under the pall of the coronavirus pandemic.

Digital Connections

Smart phoneWe’re spending more time at home and more time with our families at home. But what about those family members who are unable to physically be with us? What about older parents whose children have all flown the nest?   Local, provincial, and federal governments are calling for all of us to do our part [...]