Gift and Grit

Marriage Conference

11/04/2023 09:00 am to 11/04/2023 04:00 pm

Saint André Bessette Catholic Secondary School, 2727 Tokala Trl, London, Ontario N6G 5B4, CA

$100/Couple until 11/01/2023



At FFI, we understand that a thriving marriage and family life requires effort and dedication. The Annual Conference on Marriage is designed to provide couples with practical tools they can incorporate into their daily lives to grow stronger and happier together. Every marriage has its joys and challenges, and we believe that marriages are enriched when given support and encouragement from other couples who share the same journey.

This year's conference revolves around the theme "Gift and Grit." We believe that within every marriage, there are unique gifts and strengths waiting to be discovered. Additionally, we recognize the importance of resilience and "grit" in navigating the ups and downs that come with a committed relationship. Through inspiring talks and interactive Q&A, we aim to help couples unearth their gifts and cultivate the resilience needed to overcome obstacles.


Andrew and Sarah Swafford

A dynamic duo ignited by a college encounter with Jesus. Their mission? To ignite your faith too! With fervor, they crisscross continents, captivating audiences with insights on dating, marriage, morality, St. John Paul II, and Sacred Scripture. Sarah, the author of 'Emotional Virtue,' and Andrew, a distinguished Theology Professor at Benedictine College, offer profound wisdom. Settled in Atchison, KS, they cherish family life with their five amazing children, aged 3 to 16. Their journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith.


09:00 am - Registration

09:30 am - Holy Mass

10:30 am - Refreshments

11:15 am - Talk 1, "Gift and Grit: putting Christ at the Center of your Marriage”, Andrew and Sarah Swafford

12:15 pm - Hot Lunch

01:30 pm - FFI Presentation

01:45 pm - Talk 2, “Marriage on Mission”, Andrew and Sarah Swafford

02:45 pm - Q&A with Andrew & Sarah Swafford

03:30 pm - Closing remarks, refreshments and social