[su_quote cite=”St. Mother Teresa” url=”https://www.coraevans.com/blog/article/10-most-beautiful-mother-teresa-quotes-on-the-family”]Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do…but how much love we put in that action.[/su_quote]

When you’re feeling busy around the house, maybe you’re trying to catch up on chores or you’re working from home and not quite used to all the additional distractions, this quote can serve as a reminder for busy families to be present to one another. [su_highlight background=”#83B763″ color=”#ffffff”]To encourage families in spending more time together, here’s a list of simple things to do together.[/su_highlight]


1. Walk with each other (yard/sidewalk) as a couple or as a family.

old pictures

2. Look through family pictures and past adventures;

or take day by day pictures of your covid-19 experience.

Bible on table

3. Family prayer,

celebrate liturgy in your own special way as a family (eg. create a prayer table or corner… ask the kids to add what they want to add). Check out Messy Parenting Holy Week for some ideas.

piano music

4. Family music;

uplifting, funny, classical – whatever you like; music can boost a tense atmosphere and dancing can burn energy.

coffee break

5. Give yourself a break;

between schooling, balancing relationships, burning off energy – a lot has happened in one day! What the kids didn’t learn in formal schooling they learnt by your love and self-sacrifice. Be thankful for that Give God your first and last thought and know God’s grace is sufficient.


6. Practice gratitude;

Go around the table at dinner listing each person’s “high and low” or “best part of the day”. Children learn to be grateful; parents realize the little things done with love matter most.

peaceful dove

7. Be peaceful to allow God to grow in you.

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