Churches are closed and we’re unable to physically receive the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist through Holy Communion at Mass. But do not despair!


Here is a breakdown of important points to consider while your family is unable to attend church.

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  • The Eucharist is a gift from God, it is not something that we can claim as our right. During this time of waiting we can nurture our desire for this incredible gift. You can cultivate that desire for the Eucharist by tuning into live stream Masses and making frequent acts of spiritual communion…check out or recommended live streams below.
  • We have been dispensed from our Sunday obligation, this means that we no longer have an obligation to attend Mass. If you think that it was wrong for your Bishop to give a dispensation, it doesn’t matter – the dispensation is legitimate and you do not have an obligation. Daily Mass is never an obligation. However, just because we have been dispensed from Sunday obligation that doesn’t mean that the Eucharistic is no longer the source and summit of our Faith. We must continue to cultivate our desire and love for our Lord through other means, all the while waiting patiently for the day when we can once again receive our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Prayer is powerful. No, it’s not exactly going to make you immune to a disease, but yes it will be an incredible source of strength and virtue in your life as you navigate struggles, trials, joys, and happiness. We encourage prayer always both in and outside of our Sunday obligation, during this time we can pray especially for extra strength, patience, and help as we await the day when we can once again receive our Lord.


With files from the blog “10 Things to Think About When You Can’t Go to Mass”

6 Tips for Mass Online


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  • Unite with others
  • Create the right setting
  • Get dressed
  • Go through the motions
  • Pray a spiritual communion
  • Don’t be in a rush


Source: “Going to Mass Online? 6 Tips”

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