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It’s tempting, but unfortunately we can’t just sit around all summer long doing nothing. You may have said something similar to the children…it is a challenge when temperatures reach unbearable highs, and with the best medical professionals recommending we keep our distance. So we’ve put together this list of our recommended summer activities for the family.

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  • Listen to an audio-book (you can sit around and enjoy a cold beverage with this one).
  • Camp nearby, just for a weekend. The 1-2 hour drive to a Provincial Park, or private campground is worth the chance to get out of the house and into Canada’s backyard.
  • Eat outdoors together. Put together a buffet for a weekend meal, invite other family members, get the kids involved, maybe dad can BBQ. If you can’t enjoy your backyard, check out nearby parks or conservation areas for a picnic opportunity.
  • Go swimming. Learning how to swim is a great summer challenge for all ages. Access a family member or neighbour’s pool if you don’t have one, or make the trek to a nearby lake (there are tons).
  • Go to a cottage. If tent camping just isn’t your forte, get the gang together for a cottage trip – inquire with family/friends for cottage opportunities or search online for a rental.
  • Always have games and books for your summer trips. The best choices are the games that get people laughing (no monopoly…) and the books that encourage fun conversation.


Here are just a few ideas to kickstart your mind and offer some encouragement as you look to take full advantage of another blessed summer. Remember, follow the recommended health and safety guidelines wherever your adventures take you, and keep on the sunny side of life.

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