Weekly Advent Material

A great resource to help you and your family prepare for Christmas in a meaningful way, during four weeks of Advent. The weekly lessons invite you to grow in your understanding of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace and to live them more consistently. Each lesson includes an overview, a prayer for the week, key scripture verses, 2 videos, examples from the lives of the saints, and an object lesson for the younger ones (and the young at heart).

The first week of Advent focuses on Hope. We begin the season of Advent with hope, but what is hope? What is our source of hope?

The second week of Advent focuses on Love. God’s love for us is infinite, unyielding, and relentless. This week we’ll learn to accept the authentic love of God and to share His love with others.

The third week of Advent focuses on Joy. Learning to find joy, even in unexpected places.

The fourth week of Advent focuses on Peace. Finding and keeping peace in your heart.