Following the success of our second Date Night with FFI in February, we’re excited to share these 4 ideas for couples to help you do more for your marriage and to help grow community and friendship with other couples.

1. Host your own couple’s night

Get together with other couples whom you may have met through mutual friends, church, community event, or school. Host your own couple’s nights with snacks, beverages, and some material to discuss. You can choose an evening to join virtually (we suggest using Zoom), or if able – you can host couples at your place.

Here are a few of our suggested starting points from the Messy Family Project:

You can find content on Formed or the Messy Family Project. Select content to help get a discussion started with other couples.

2. Give a Date Night Kit

As an act of friendship, create and give a date night kit to another couple in your life. We’ve created this recipe to help you create your own date night kit.

Package this kit up in a nice basket or box and deliver via mail or drop it off in their doorstep.

3. Intimacy in Marriage

If you are interested, use the Messy Family Podcast resources on intimacy in marriage as a springboard to bolster your own relationship. Mike and Alicia suggest that this sort of material is rarely presented on given its intimate nature, but important to talk about – here are our suggestions to help start the conversation.

If you know other couples who might be struggling with this topic, feel free to share these resources or suggest your own.

4. “Better Together”

Read our latest Psychtalk Blog by Anne Marie entitled “Better Together”.

Finally, contact us if there’s anything we can help you with (establishing a virtual gathering, finding useful resources). We would be happy to hear from you!