The Adventure of a Lifetime

Attending to the internal and external responsibilities of the family, no matter the challenge, is always worthwhile.

Returning to in-person activities after almost two years of virtual conferences and meetings was exciting and challenging. It was challenging to reconnect with guest speakers, venues, and reopen channels of communication; however, it was exciting to reconnect with familiar faces and meet new faces at in-person events this year.

Over the past two years, FFI continued to offer formation initiatives online or in-person at a smaller scale. The virtual programs, while fruitful for many, were also challenging in their own way. As engagement dwindled and people grew tired of screen time, FFI embraced a return to normal. The success of Knights Quest Boys Camp, Anchor Camp for Girls, and Family Camp at the John Paul II Family Centre this past summer marked a return to normal in-person programs for the first time in two years.

At the Marriage Conference in November, guest speakers Damon and Melanie Owens spoke about the family’s role in evangelization. They outlined the atomistic family that focusses inward, the trustee family that focusses outward, and the domestic family that balances internal and external responsibilities. This third option, the domestic family, is the most challenging approach, but it is also the most adventurous.

FFI is committed to the mission of connecting, encouraging, and informing families. Family is the adventure of a lifetime. Attending to the internal and external responsibilities of the family, no matter the challenge, is always worthwhile.

Pure Life Night in Action


Men of Faith Conference

The Men of Faith Conference, an opportunity for men to reinvigorate their Catholic faith, celebrated 10 years with the theme “Men Supporting Men” featuring guest speakers Peter Herbeck and Deacon Dr. Bob MacDonald.

Annual Women’s Seminar

The Annual Women’s Seminar celebrates women and their unique role in society. Guest speaker Shivanthi Sandrasagra presented the practical tool of reframing, a beneficial modern mental wellness tool.

Intentional Disciples’ Night

Mental Wellness Outreach

The critical work of mental wellness outreach continues through a confidential intake process, a growing affiliate network of mental wellness professionals, Psychtalk posts, Parenting Evenings, and other workshops and forums.

Family Catechism

Family Catechism returned to in-person classes in eight different locations, plus two more getting started in January! This initiative is “families working together” in their common task of faith formation.

Family Camp

Summer Camping Programs

Youth camps provide a natural space for young people to grow in faith, character and friendship while family camps provide a joy-filled and positive vacation environment of like-minded families. This past summer, FFI hosted five full weeks of camps!

Youth & Young Adults

Pure Life Groups hosted a Pure Life in Action night in Strathroy in support of a local youth shelter. The London Intentional Disciples chapter hosted regular socials and Disciples’ Nights. A new ID chapter has started up in Stratford.

Marriage Conference

The theme this year, “Joy to the World”, emphasized the positive and life-giving role of strong marriages in today’s society. Damon and Melanie Owens demonstrated how to live joyfully ever after and share that joy with the world.

Marriage Conference

Our mission is to connect, encourage and inform families.

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