Camp for the whole family

About Family Camp


Family Camp is a wonderful opportunity for families to share vacation time; being active or hanging-out together in an enriching atmosphere of outdoor rest and recreation.


Each family enjoys the privacy of their own cabin and a kitchen staff prepares all the meals, allowing families to relax and enjoy unstructured time together. Daily activities include loads of free time for swimming, sports, card/board games, reading, visiting with others, hikes, and more! Optional scheduled activities include; parent discussion time, daily Mass, daily Rosary, and a Mom’s or Dad’s group.

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Family camp

Camp Dates

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Camp Fee

  • Family Camp

    Registration fee for family camp

  • Payment Option

    Initial deposit plus three monthly payments.


Financial assistance is available – apply online here or email us at info@famfi.ca

Daily Activities

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  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Sports
  • Talks


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  • Crafts
  • Mass*
  • Rosary*
  • Campfires


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  • Card/board games
  • Reading


* While encouraged, the religious activities are optional for campers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What form do I need to complete registration?

Click here to download the registration form for Family Camp. You can email the completed form to info@famfi.ca.

What if a camper has dietary needs?

Family Camp can accommodate dietary needs if food comes prepared. Depending on the information included with your registration, we will contact you with further information about accommodating your dietary need.

What staff is at camp to care for the campers?

All meals are prepared by a kitchen staff. The camp is managed by one of the families in attendance.

What is the camp policy on photos and videos?
Photos and videos will be taken and may be used for promotion of the activities of Family Foundations Institute. If you have concerns with this please contact us at info@famfi.ca.
Why do families have to agree to the Family Camp Mission, Core Values, and Code of Conduct?

As a Family Camp we operate based on our clearly defined statements of Mission, Core Values and Code of Conduct. For the enjoyment of all families participating in Family Camp, and for the fruitfulness and success of Family Camp, we require that all families participating in Family Camp support and agree to adhere to our mission, values and code of conduct.

FFI Family Camp reserves the right to decline booking, or terminate the stay of, participants whose behavior purposefully contravenes our mission, value and code of conduct. Thank you for your collaboration and your cooperation.