Real + True

“We believe the Catechism is not a textbook, a collection of ideas, or a set of rules. We believe the Catechism is the faithful echo of a God who wishes to reveal himself to us and desires us to respond. Our mission is to pass down and pass along the gift of our faith by […]

The Chosen

The Chosen Series

The Chosen is the first-ever-multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. Created outside of the Hollywood system


YDisciple Formed

30 minute videos with discussion questions to enable you to have material and meaningful discussions with the teens in your pod.


Beloved Formed

BELOVED uncovers the mystery and the meaning of the sacrament of marriage. BELOVED invites all couples to experience firsthand the wonder

Messy Family Project

The Messy Family Project Resource

Mike and Alicia Hernon want you to know that all families are messy – and that’s a good thing. Check out the Messy Family Project.

If You Feel Alone


With this post we want to turn our attention to those who are alone or finding more time on their hands and don’t necessarily have anyone to be with. Lonely or wondering “now what’s my purpose”, now that you don’t go into work, or perhaps you have lost your job. Maybe you’re even wondering, “who even needs me?”