Embracing Steadfast Hope

2024 Men of Faith Conference featuring Bishop Scott McCaig

Over 350 men gathered in Strathroy along with 50 more joining via livestream from Windsor for the 2024 Men of Faith Conference. The conference underscored hope as a desire for eternal life and happiness with Jesus, requiring trust in Him and reliance on the grace of the Holy Spirit. Recognizing Jesus as our firm foundation is crucial as we strive to live our faith in the world today!

In his first talk, Bishop McCaig focused on the need for a transformative encounter with Jesus and the imperative to live in hope amid a world increasingly characterized by moral and religious relativism. He underscored the continuous need to rediscover Jesus, urging the men to invoke the Holy Spirit for a fresh understanding of the Scriptures.

Bishop McCaig painted a vivid portrait of Jesus as a powerful and untamed force, challenging the conventional notion of a soft man. Key qualities of Jesus, such as his identity, authority, love, tenderness, and extraordinary generosity, were explored. The guys were urged to connect more deeply with the source of hope by prioritizing fundamental aspects of the Christian life, including prayer, sacraments, good works, and fellowship. The talk concluded with a fervent prayer for Jesus to be at the center of each individual’s life, emphasizing the delight and commitment in being Men of Faith.

In his second talk, Bishop McCaig delved into the continuation of a previous discussion about navigating troubled times with theological hope. Drawing an analogy to weather systems colliding, he illustrated the conflict between two kingdoms in salvation history, emphasizing the fallen nature of the world and humanity’s alienation from God. The process of salvation was outlined, highlighting justification, sanctification, and glorification as stages in healing the wounds of human nature. The speaker asserted that the Kingdom of God is colliding with the fallen world, causing storms and challenges, both in the Church and individual souls.

The talk underscored the recurring theme of the coexistence of holiness and corruption, virtue and sin, within the Church throughout history. Bishop McCaig stressed the inevitability of storms and challenges, emphasizing the importance of understanding them as opportunities for growth and sanctification. Using the analogy of lightning during a storm, the bishop encouraged listeners to be the “lightning” in the darkness, referring to the saints who emerge during difficult times as beacons of hope. The talk concluded with a call to embrace one’s cross, prioritize prayer and sacraments, and live with a biblical worldview, anchoring hope in Jesus and trusting in the ultimate victory of God’s Kingdom.

Our heartfelt thanks to the 400+ attendees who contributed to the success of the Men of Faith Conference. As we reflect on the key takeaways – steadfast hope defined, trust in Christ, and actively living our faith – let us carry these messages into our daily lives.

A special thank you to the team at All Saints Parish, Strathroy and Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Windsor and to the conference sponsors!

  • Donohue Funeral Home
  • Knight’s of Columbus
  • Harry Lamb of Sutton Realty
  • Caradoc Dentistry
  • Back in Balance Wellness
  • Keyser Creek Farms – Organic Beef

Looking forward to future conferences and continued growth in faith.