Gift and Grit

2023 Marriage Conference featuring Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Attending to the internal and external responsibilities of the family, no matter the challenge, is always worthwhile.

Communication as a Couple

Date Night with FFI - Communication as a Couple

For the second ever Date Night with FFI, Mika and Alicia Hernon of the Messy Family Project joined us to speak about communication as a couple. The Hernon’s have been married for 27 years and have ten children and three grandchildren, their mission with the Messy Family project is to empower parents, strengthen marriage, and bring families to Christ. Sharing quotes and personal stories with over one hundred couples in attendance, Mike and Alicia embarked on an in-depth look at communication.

2021 Virtual Men of Faith Conference

Men of Faith Conference 2021

“The world needs you, the world in our time needs men.” This statement from Patrick Sullivan speaking at the 2021 Men of Faith Conference runs counter to a modern culture offering a lifestyle for men far from the virtue, strength, responsibility, and love that used to be part of “being a man.” Counter cultural, yes, but as Patrick highlighted in his two virtual talks – the Christian faith has always been subversive in its world view and moral tenets and being a man of faith is a precise distinction to be made in the modern era.

Pandemic Summer

pandemic summer

Looking for some inspiration? It’s tempting, but unfortunately we can’t just sit around all summer long doing nothing. You may have said something similar to the children

If You Feel Alone


With this post we want to turn our attention to those who are alone or finding more time on their hands and don’t necessarily have anyone to be with. Lonely or wondering “now what’s my purpose”, now that you don’t go into work, or perhaps you have lost your job. Maybe you’re even wondering, “who even needs me?”

Busy Family?

Family fun

When you’re feeling busy around the house, maybe you’re trying to catch up on chores or you’re working from home and not quite used to all the additional distractions, this quote can serve as a reminder for busy families to be present to one another.


Prayer is essential to daily life. Throughout these days of self-isolation, quarantine, and physical distancing we can unite in prayer for one another, for all leaders, and for all front-line workers. We've put together some prayer images that you can download and share online.   Spiritual Communion Pope Francis Prayer for Protection from the Coronavirus [...]

Mass Online

Churches are closed and we're unable to physically receive the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist through Holy Communion at Mass. But do not despair!   Here is a breakdown of important points to consider while your family is unable to attend church. [su_list icon="icon: check" icon_color="#83B763" indent="30"] The Eucharist is a gift from God, it [...]

Digital Connections

Smart phoneWe’re spending more time at home and more time with our families at home. But what about those family members who are unable to physically be with us? What about older parents whose children have all flown the nest?   Local, provincial, and federal governments are calling for all of us to do our part [...]

Courage & Fortitude to do His Will

Over 300 men of all ages and from all distances in Southwestern Ontario gathered for the Men of Faith Conference at St. Michael’s Parish.

Built on Love

“We are not experts,” Debbie humbly explained, “what we want to share today comes from lived experience.” Debbie and Peter Herbeck have been married for 33 years, they have four children and seven grandchildren, and they live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Friendship: Strengthening Women, Warming the World

The theme of “Friendship” was delivered with wonderful depth and insight from Dr. Kathleen Lalande. Through personal testimony, scientific research, and a spiritual foundation she delivered a robust seminar that provided encouragement and direction for women from all walks of life.

Faith in the World Today

“We don’t live in a neutral culture” – that was the message from Dr. Edward Sri, prominent Catholic author and guest speaker at the Men of Faith Conference this past January, held at St. Michaels church in London, Ontario. Almost 400 men participated in the conference, many who had travelled through snowy conditions to attend, […]