Camp for boys ages 9-14 (boys age 8 may attend if accompanied by father)

Take the 2020 Knight’s Quest Challenge!

Our initial 2020 Knight’s Quest Challenge was so successful we decided to hold another challenge for all young men aged 8 to 14. To complete the Knight’s Quest Challenge, download the challenge letter and complete the checklist. Have a parent sign the checklist and then mail/email it back to us for your chance to win a sleeping bag!


If you would like to be notified about our plans for a potential Father & Son camping trip in the fall of 2020, please sign up for updates below.

About Knight’s Quest


Operating since 1999, Knight’s Quest was started by a group of fathers wanting to give their sons a camping experience aimed at encouraging character development for boys aged 9-14.


Designed with a flavour of discipline and the spirit of masculine adventure, campers are invited to enjoy the great outdoors by playing sports and taking part in traditional camping activities. Knight’s Quest doesn’t promise clean clothes at the end of the week, but guarantees enough camaraderie, stories and memories to last until the next year!

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Boys camp

Camp Dates

No Events

Camp Fee

  • First Camper

    Registration fee for the first camper

  • Additional Campers

    Registration fee for each additional camper


Financial assistance is available – apply online here or email us at info@famfi.ca

Daily Activities

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  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Sports
  • Talks


[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#83B763″ indent=”30″]

  • Skits
  • Mass*
  • Rosary*
  • Campfires


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  • Cooking
  • Team-building
  • Tenting


* While encouraged, the religious activities are optional for campers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pack for camp?

Click here to download the complete packing list for Knight’s Quest.

What form do I need to complete registration?

Click here to download the registration form for Knight’s Quest. You can email the completed form to info@famfi.ca.

When do I drop campers off? When do I pick campers up?

Campers can start arriving after 3:00pm on the first day. The first roll call will happen after dinner on the first day, at 6:00pm.

Campers can be picked up no later than 3:00pm on the last day. The last activity of camp is done at 1:00pm.

What if a camper has dietary needs?

Knight’s Quest can accommodate dietary needs if food comes prepared. Depending on the information included with your registration, we will contact you with further information about accommodating your dietary need.

What staff is at camp to care for the campers?

Knight’s Quest is managed by a two administrators (chief and top-gun), 5 coaches (plus any additional fathers who attend), and a counselor staff of at least 12 male teens/young-adults.

What is the spirituality of Knight's Quest camp?

The success, health, and safety of Knight’s Quest is entrusted to Our Lady at the beginning of the week. The Holy Rosary is led every night by a team. Mass is celebrated daily by a priest of Opus Dei or a priest from the Diocese of London. Confessions are offered a few times a week by a priest of Opus Dei or a priest from the Diocese of London.

What is the camp policy on photos and videos?
Photos and videos will be taken and may be used for promotion of the activities of Family Foundations Institute. If you have concerns with this please contact us at info@famfi.ca.
Can dads attend camp?

Yes! Dads can attend Knight’s Quest with their sons. This is a great chance to encourage quality father-son time, as well as a wonderful opportunity for dad to get to know other dads. In order to attend Knight’s Quest as a dad, please contact info@famfi.ca to register and complete our Working with Vulnerable Sectors screening process.