Unique Call to Sanctity

Annual Women's Seminar featuring Lisa Canning

God wants you to be free, He wants you to follow the desires of your heart. While following God’s will and plan for our life can feel like we’re walking in the right direction, it can also sometimes feel like the Lord and ‘our plans’ diverge. Lisa’s message at the Annual Women’s Seminar was one of trust. How can we know what God is calling us to do?

Lisa invited participants to agree on the following points.

  • God wants us to be happy.
  • Christian life takes work, spiritual and human formation is necessary.
  • Grace builds upon nature.
  • We were never meant to go through life alone.

About 180 women were in attendance at the Annual Women’s Seminar on what was a record warm day in London, Ontario. This year’s seminar featured Lisa Canning, a certified Catholic mindset and business coach, who shared practical tools and tips for understanding and living out God’s will for your life.

As a work from home mom of 10 children, Lisa Canning has developed a unique approach to time management, productivity, and the pursuit of business, which she shares in her online group coaching experiences for Catholic moms. Her passion for helping moms overcome perpetual overwhelm and constant mom-guilt, in favor of a life that is fulfilling and abundant, is apparent in everything she does.

“You are all significant, every single person in this room has a unique call to sanctity” proclaimed Lisa. Leading women through several worksheets, Lisa demonstrated that the unique call to sanctity is found at the points where our mission, passion, and gifts intersect. She asks women to seriously consider, almost like detective work, their mission, passion, and gifts and then to analyze the point at the centre where they overlap. Our unique calling is at the centre of where our mission, passion, and gifts overlap, and the centre is where we need to be. This centre “is the place of being obedient, of saying yes Lord, I will put down my preferences, I will put down my need for control, I will put down the messages that I’m choosing to believe, the voices that I’m trying to prove myself to, I will detach myself from all of that and instead I will be here. And I believe this is the path to freedom, it’s the path to fulfillment and the path to incredible intimacy with our Lord.”

Here were some key takeaways from Lisa’s talks:

  • Don’t allow other people to dictate your calendar, you always have a choice to say yes or no to things.
  • Work and family life are not necessarily diametrically opposed, they do not have to be mutually exclusive but rather should be integrated.
  • Make an effort to know yourself, consider taking a Temperaments Assessment